Mainly used for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundation, started opening, promotion and other activities, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment and special effects equipment rental places.

Modular cables free design, plug-and-play power supply

The 3-in-1 integrated back of power supply, receiving card and hub board makes replacement a simple plug and play.

Innovation design-cableless connector      


ROAD READY series is the fastest industry-wide in terms of installation and dismantle, featuring a 50% less time than industry average with its patented connector design. Patent number of connecting piece: ZL201520709357.7

 Fast Module Replacement:

 With its magnetic front design, modules can be taken out by a  simple  push.

Multifunctional connecting piece, fast, simple and convenient

Intelligent connecting piece integrates many functions together, such as connection and fine adjustment of gaps, all for the convenience of customers. Patent number of connecting piece: ZL201520709058.3

 Seamless splicing and installation type to assemble screen  freely

 Patented connecting piece and gap adjustable to ensure the  seamless  screen, and rapid installation and removal supported.  Only 1/4 of  installation time compares with traditional  structure. Patent number of  connecting piece: ZL201520710662.8

User-friendly LED information window

LCD window able to real-time display operating condition (voltage, operating item, screen temperature), built-out test key to detect the illumination of the display screen


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