Analysis about the sustainability of LED lights

Along with the global warming and energy saving carbon reduction "issues of fever, LED lighting industry as the most immediate and effective solutions to all worthy one way, develop and spread of test plan. In the global market trillion yuan, has attracted many originally not lighting industry, manufacturers and practitioners have jumped this amazing strong industry, develop all kinds of lamps and lanterns, LED to for energy conservation and emission reduction and the sustainable development of human help.

But in the industry have not yet ripe for the cases, failure cases of LED lighting down everywhere. The LED lighting industry in the actual application and development, there is a sense of uncertainty, the eerie atmosphere. Traditional lighting brand companies from traditional lighting industry in stride LED lighting business is careful, cautious and product quality, reliability and products to sustainable development of the situation, not stride.

Although LED has called 100 lumens per tile can be achieved, but carefully, often in the initial focus only on product specification lumens. For a practical illumination luminaries of the maintenance and effective life, illuminance lumens and distribution, and even LED industry sustainable development is seldom in-depth study.

The expert inside course of study points out, "the most important is related to the fundamental problem for the whole industry chain, as a LED lamps and lanterns, can really at manufacturers of LED lighting technology platform of general long-term continuous manufacturing and providing the consistency of the product to meet illumination lamps and LED the market for long-term use, when LED chip suppliers? Provided LED chip hair efficacy rate of continued ascension, year LED lighting industry essence but there exists a restricts the healthy development of the whole industry. The problem is also LED lighting sustainability issues."

According to the current LED chip suppliers and packaging technology development blueprint, LED the initial luminous efficiency (lumens/watts) will in future years of continuous improvement. "Therefore, predictable is, the general LED lighting technology platform development LED lighting manufacturers, in order to maintain the lamps and lanterns of brightness and lighting products can accord with original design lighting effect of the consistency of the effect of demand, must change has periodic and redesign its LED lamps and lanterns and internal various components can achieve this goal."

Once a single leds luminous efficiency and the total of the brightness changes, the LED module, the second optical design and supply and drive circuit will then changed to adjust to match the original design of lamps and lanterns lighting effects. Any form of lamps and lanterns components, product changes once again will normally be market requirements. Lamps and lanterns is updated version of the design will cause long effective life and reliability testing and verification by market demands and again.

How to ensure the long-term supply LED lighting products, in the consistency of LED lighting industry chain will be a key topic. If the lighting industry did not establish universal product technical platform and fixed specifications of the products listed in LED light source, and the supply chain inventory preparation will not prediction and control, Frequent products renewal also does not conform to the sustainable development needs. If you are a New Year products to mass production and supply market, this will be LED lighting manufacturers in a dream.

Therefore, to thoroughly solve the problem, lighting industry must have the sustainability of the light source, and LED standards can satisfy the sustainable development of LED lighting technology platform, and in general lighting technology platform based on sustainable development, can play LED energy saving effect most LED.

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Analysis about the sustainability of LED lights

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