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2015 05-15

Celebrated 2015 COLEDER customer appreciation and year-end festival a complete success
Many congratulations on 2015 COLEDER customer appreciation and year-end festival a complete success, how time flies, time flies, suddenly busy 2014 has in the past, full of looking forward to coming to us in 2015. Beijing COLEDER has passed 13 spring and summer, a New Year gave birth to a new target and hope...

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2015 05-09

Small spacing P2.5 LED display at the air force equipment department
Congratulation, we installed in the Chinese people's liberation army air force equipment department P2.5 small spacing LED display smoothly completed, COLEDER LED display, small spacing.

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2015 04-17

Congratulations on COLEDER technology INDONESIA was formally established
Indonesia COLEDER technology company by the Beijing COLEDER technology development co., LTD.

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2015 03-25

Tian’anmen Square outdoor full-color LED display project,
Congratulation COLEDER company successfully won the bid Tian’anmen Square embrasured watchtower outdoor full-color LED display project,

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2015 02-16

COLEDER make grinders zhongguancun hailong building, 520 ㎡ LED display
COLEDER P20 outdoor full-color displays, 80 meters long, 6.5 meters high, combined with a total area of 520 square meters, the building has been completed installation, the screen lights up after beautiful full color, is particularly beautiful, and fashion sense.

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2015 02-03

Xi 'an datang international shopping center in the west, 1002 square well put into use
“ Xi’an Tang west” project building facade, is a traditional Chinese ancient city wall, total area of 1002 square meters, is the epitome of the ancient city of xi 'an, thin material glass curtain wall screen.

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2015 01-10

Choi esselte PH1.6 high-density LED display development, we are testing phase is over, a success
Beijing COLEDER technology development co., LTD. In the field of LED display, constantly increase investment in scientific research, technology innovation efforts, in PH2 PH2.54 successively listed, and PH1.6 high-density LED display r&d, test phase is over now.

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2014 12-19

Warm congratulations Beijing COLEDER 2011 announcement and channel partner summit was held
Beijing COLEDER technology development co., LTD. Is a set design, production and sales, service as one of professional display integration application service provider...

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2014 10-30

Installation site: the industrial and commercial bank of China head office
LED display density at 47700 points / ㎡, a layer of multi-function hall there are five pieces of LED display, with a total area of about 60 square meters.

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