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2015 10-21

COLEDER LED Display contribute to Asian-African Conference
Indonesia, Asia and Africa meeting to commemorate the 60th anniversary of a series of activities of the Asia-Africa Summit April 22, 2015.

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2015 06-28

COLEDER project- Shanghai LAYIN project
LAYIN project consists of three pieces of screen of COLEDER, are stage of circular screen, wall circular screen, wall creative screen, three pieces of screen are P4 indoor full-color display screen, screen body area of 174.66 ㎡.

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2015 06-22

First high-density indoor full-color displays in Indonesia
Recently, Indonesia COLEDER indoor high-density full-color LED display in the latest in the Indonesian capital Jakarta national museum, models for: CYD - CIP4.8-06, covers an area of 12 square meters, the indoor full-color displays is also our first high-density indoor full-color displays in Indonesia.

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2015 06-19

BMW6 series convertible coupe launch - LED is perfect deduce
On April 18.2011, BMW6 is convertible coupe listed conference held in huangpu river. Sports car on Playing auxiliary publicity pictures. Displays broadcast images of auxiliary propaganda which provide by COLEDER.

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2015 06-12

Shenyang jiazhaoye center 6800 square meterLED display
Shenyang jia zhaoye center is in the central area of a youth street gold corridor carefully crafted high-end commercial complex projects. Project covers an area of 20000 ㎡

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2015 06-10

The 26th Global Reunion Assembly
The 26th Global Reunion Assembly held a grand international conference and exhibition center ,more than 6000 people were present at the theme of "Chinese descendants with blood, and the global guest members" of the opening ceremony.

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2015 06-08

Liga Indonesia
Beijing time on May 20, 2014 Indonesian conclude smoothly football super league, LED display in the playground is provided by the Indonesian CAIYIDA, Indonesia COLEDER will provide service for the long term, help each a sporting event.

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2015 05-31

COLEDER professional service 12 years, customer appreciation meeting
COLEDERprofessional service 12 years – customer appreciation meeting That goal: Take the customer as the center of the thought, service the first brand of professional integrators position will not change

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2015 05-28

Congratulation high-density LED display smoothly completed our company sinopec conference center
Sinopec conference center is the collection meeting, catering, accommodation, entertainment as one of the large-scale comprehensive convention center. Elegant environment, beautiful scenery, is the ideal choice for business travel and meeting.

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